¡Welcome to the team!

Our team comes first, and the work takes a back seat

Our priority is taking care of people

We cultivate talent, inspiration and innovation, wherever it might spring from — our partners, our clients, or even our baker might spark a great idea without even knowing it!

And the importance we place on our family’s wellbeing spills over into the work we do. We know that when our team feels valued, their output is better.

And it’s not just about applying best practices, but about constantly improving how we do things, and giving each project the effort and attention it deserves.


We believe that our most innovative strategies come when our people are allowed to stretch their wings and are given the freedom to come up with their own creative solutions.

The best team from around the globe

Although we’re based in Guarda, Portugal, that doesn’t mean we limit ourselves to working with people in the area. We want our work to be the best, and that means working with the best people, regardless of where they’re based.

We work from anywhere

And we don’t limit ourselves to working from Portugal. New places stimulate new ideas and new ways of thinking, so you may find us in our second home in Salamanca, Spain.

No permanent contracts

We aren’t seeking to hold anyone hostage. We want our clients to be with us because they want to be — because we provide the services that they’re looking for, at the quality and price that they need.


Our team is our secret ingredient, and no team is going to reach its full potential unless its members trust one another, and so we believe it is vital to foster transparency in the workplace, both for our own peace of mind and for that of our clients.


We can’t all be Sherlock Holmes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t apply his methods. We observe every movement of the marketplace, absorbing everything that happens therein and using that knowledge to anticipate trends and stay on top of the game.

Remote working and a flexible schedule

We know that everyone is different, and have different ways of working to yield best results. As a company, we seek to take advantage of that, and allow people to work in a way that best suits their needs and at a time that suits them.

Our values

Ecology, human rights, and a pet-friendly work environment. As individuals and as a company, we believe we have a responsibility to live and work according to sustainable values that will improve our world.



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