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What’s the point of a website with no content?

For the whole history of human existence, we’ve been telling stories.

Maybe for a variety of different reasons — to pass the time, to teach lessons, or to create community. 

And as time has gone on, new methods of telling stories have developed — campfire stories, novels, radio plays, movies. And there’s an element of storytelling that goes into business as well. 

But to obtain effective sales results, we need to strategise.

Content strategies

Let’s go back to the idea of content. A website with no content serves no purpose. You can’t attract traffic to your website if there’s nothing for people to look at.

But the content itself has to work towards a specific goal, so content strategies can be applied across your website:

  • blog entries
  • social media posts
  • video tutorials
  • podcasts
  • customer reviews

Wherever you have a webpage, it needs to have content. And wherever you have content, it needs to generate interest from your users and potential clients.

Call the muses

Every story told in a digital medium has a reason. But in order for your creativity to live up to its full potential, you need it to be optimised by marketing professionals. Namely, IsAuraMedia.

We will take your message and turn it into a commercial advantage for you.

Anything else would be a waste of money.

At IsAuraMedia, we offer you a strategy and content-writing service, customised to your business and optimised for search engines:


All good stories have a beginning, middle and end. And all good content, to some degree, has a story within it.


We take advantage of organic (not paid) positioning. We figure out what your customers are looking for and enable you to redirect them to your website or product catalogue.


Well-written content cuts straight to the hearts of your users, giving them a good sense of your company’s values and sensibilities, and helps the world see that you’re the best at what you do.

We believe we can tell your story to your clients

But we want you to share our belief, so why not give us a call and get to know us!